Home Loan Approval – 3 Steps to Ensure Your Home Loan Application Is Approved

Many individuals get anxious and nervous when waiting for their home loan approval, particularly if they are first time home purchasers. However, getting notification of your home loan approval need not be such a stressful experience.


Getting approval is not a complicated process. All it requires is a certain amount of understanding of just how the way things work along with having done the necessary groundwork. There is no reason why one should not be successful with their home loan approval.


Borrower Appeal

The onus is on the borrower to make they appealing to the financial institution they are wanting to lend from. This will entail taking a few important steps prior to applying for a brand new home owner loan.


Three Goals

To ensure that you achieve the desired outcome of home loan approval, set these 3 goals for yourself.


Firstly – Increase your credit worthiness. We all know that credit rating makes a difference. Having a home mortgage approved without a good credit ranking is really challenging in the current financial state. Nevertheless, a lot of people do not realize exactly where their own rating has to be for a home mortgage application.


In the old days, before the current financial crisis, in the home mortgage market it was relatively easy to a get a loan with a so, so credit score. However, in today’s climate, one needs to have an excellent credit rating to have a worry free application.


You can still be approved with a lower rating but the chances of success do diminish. Generally speaking, the higher your credit rating the lower the rate of interest your borrower is likely to set for your loan.


It is important therefore that you find out what your credit ranking is and work on ways to improve it. This will indeed enhance the probability of receiving a home loan approval. A good place to start for help is the lender you are planning to use.


Secondly – Decrease your debt to earnings ratio. There are a couple of strategies to enhance your debt to earnings ratio. The best approach would be to raise the money coming in. This is hard to do particularly if you are an employee working for a wage.


The other method, and in most cases the not so difficult approach for the majority of us, would be to get rid of your financial debt. There are numerous strategies to make this happen.


Here are a few immediate strategies you can begin working on:

a) Get rid of or at least reduce your credit card bills. The goal is get the debt beneath twenty percent of the borrowing limit of the credit card.

b) Pay back or significantly reduce current individual as well as student education loans.

c) If you have a car loan then it would be good to pay it off or, again, significantly reduce the amount owing.


From a home loan lender’s point of view all these strategies look good for giving a home loan approval.


Thirdly – Accumulate a significant deposit. Even though you can find plans for first-time property purchasers that want a nominal deposit amount, you will definitely enhance the odds of obtaining a home loan approval. Generally you are expected to place a deposit of at least twenty percent of the saleable value of the property.


In summary, one good piece of advice is you should not submit an application for a mortgage before you are prepared!


Too rapidly trying to get a brand new home mortgage may reduce the probability of getting a home loan approval.


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Author: homeloan

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