Simple Yet Effective Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


One can improve one’s credit score either in a systematic way or by doing simple day-to-day activities. However, for attaining a good score one need follow any hi-tech formula. Simple ways will help you get a good score.

Keep a track of the following points

  • Make it a habit to at least annually review your credit report. This will help you track any errors and dispute them on time so that you do not face any problem in the future. It is estimated that at least 25% of the people have errors in their credit report. A timely check on the same will be helpful.
  • A hi-tech way of doing so is to apply for an annual report and get it checked from an expert in order to avoid problems.
  • Ensure that you make payments on time. This is because payments contribute to 35% of your credit score. In order to maintain a good score, one needs to be extremely particular about clearing dues on time.
  • One of the technically advanced ways of doing so is to make use of apps and online tools that will give you prior reminders about all your payments that are due.
  • If you are not that technically sound, then set normal reminders on your phone and make payments accordingly.
  • Another option is having a desktop calendar which has all the payment days Emi Calculator
  •  Marked on the same. This is also a good way to keep a track of your payment days.
  • The simplest way to keep track of your payments is by following your email. Ensure that you make the payment on the same day when a reminder email arrives. This will help you make payments on time.
  • Do not close old credit cards. Use them for small purchases at least once a month. This will help you maintain a good payment record.

These simple tips will help you in a great way.




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