Here’s why the Home loan EMI calculator is such a helpful tool.

The amount of money you borrow from the financial institution to invest in some immovable property is termed as home loan. Banks and NBFCs lend money to the borrower at a fixed or an adjustable/floating rate of interest.The home loan is given for the properties like; the already constructed property, flats, under construction property, buildings that are to be constructed over pre-owned properties and renovation of existing property. The amount one can avail depends on the job stability of the borrower, the CIBIL score,the location of the investing property, the listed builders, and the status of the co-borrower. The loan eligibility increases with addition of the earning family member like the spouse, father, mother brother or any earning co-applicant as the guarantor.Due to low rate of interest charged by the banks and NBFCs in comparison to other loans, like the personal loans and education loan, the borrowers make a mistake of applying for a large amount. When the burden of EMI falls then they realize their mistake. To save the borrowers from committing this mistake, lending organizations have come up with the home loan EMI Calculator.


Manually calculating the EMIs with reducing principal amount over the passing yearof the loan term tends to be problematic task. It ends up in a financial mess. Home loan EMI Calculator from different lending organizations is a solution to this problem. The principal amount on which one takes the loan reduces with the payment of EMIs every year. So, the rate of interest also reduces leading to a savings of 0.5-1.0% approximately.


After taking the home loan, the crucial part of the procedure is repayment of the EMIs. So beforehand planning can help the borrower to plan the savings procedure accordingly and complete the process hassle-free. A clear knowledge of the amount to be repaid towards EMI can help to take an informed decision. We should calculate the EMI with the home loan EMI Calculator because, it helps determining the loan amount, it assist in checking the interest percentage, the tenure of the loan can also be determined, it checks the affordability. With the help of the calculator we can compare and select the best lending institution that can offer additional benefit. The decision of taking the fixed or floating rate of interest becomes wiser. Once the EMI amount is decided the selection of the loan will be easier and faster.


Calculate Home Loan Emi(2).jpg


It is always commendable to be ready for the wintry days, when the market rate fluctuates, any accidental situation knocks. The accurate calculation which results to a handsome saving can help us to overcome the situation without being enlisted as a defaulter. The home loan EMI Calculator is a boon for the borrowers in the age of recession.


A fair understanding of the ratio of principal amount to the interest due, based on the effect of the home loan tenure and interest rates is provided to the borrower with the use of the calculator.


The calculator will give an approximate figure for the total installment along with complete break-up of the home loan repayment process. The borrower can use it to gain access to an amortization table to strategize the repayment schedule. With EMI calculator a proper calculation of the amount is done before hand, and the repayment can be adjusted accordingly by the borrower.


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Use the interactive Home Loan EMI calculator to calculate your home loan EMI. Get all details on interest payable and tenure using the home loan calculator.

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